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Save Money and Energy
BioBased 501 spray foam insulation has a high R-value as installed, and maintains that R-value for the life of the building. This reduces heating and cooling energy costs, and constantly pays back the investment with low utility bills and greater building comfort. The superior thermal performance of the BioBased 501 insulation system reduces our nation’s need for energy, and since the product is soy-based, it carries no risk of catastrophic environmental damage through tanker spills. BioBased products are also easily disposed of and pose no threats of toxic degradation byproducts.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be significantly improved with a tight building. Creating a tight structure with BioBased spray foam is much easier than with traditional products. BioBased 501 adheres to surfaces providing an airtight seal. By using ventilation equipment, these buildings become very comfortable, quiet, and extremely healthy work environments. Masonry, steel and concrete are typical products used in commercial construction. By using spray-applied BioBased foam, condensation and thermal transfer can be minimized. Mold growth in these buildings can be drastically reduced, as well.

Noise reduction, by insulating interior office walls, or exterior walls for traffic noises, can be quite desirable. Employees become more productive and are more likely to be happy with their jobs.

Condensation on pole buildings and steel buildings with corrugated metal, can be eliminated by using BioBased spray foam.

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