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Q: What is the R-value?
A: R-4 per inch.

Q: Why should I use BioBased foam instead of fiberglass or cellulose:
A: BioBased spray foam completely seals your home. A 30-50% energy reduction over traditional products, can be expected. It does not have any loose fibers or dust and offers no food source for molds to grow. BioBased spray foam can significantly improve indoor air quality.

Q: What is the difference between BioBased spray foam and other brands of spray foam?
A: BioBased spray foam is manufactured in the United States . The use of soybean oil in the formulation, in place of petroleum, makes the BioBased product a greener insulation product. In addition, the R-value is slightly higher than other brands.

Q: How does the cost compare to other products?
A: The initial upfront cost is higher . There are some things that can be eliminated during the construction process that are typically needed when using traditional insulation products. House wraps, canned foams, and sealants are usually not needed. Heating and cooling equipment should be downsized 30-50%. The new tax credits that are being made available for energy efficient upgrades can also take the sting out of the upfront cost. If planning for an energy efficient building is done early, the cost for the upgrade may indeed be lower than traditional products.

Q: My child has asthma. Is Biobased safe for people with allergies?
A: BioBased foam does not off-gas any harmful emissions. It will help to air-seal your home , making it much easier to filter the air and control moisture. This will help to minimize dust mites and molds. In addition, there are no loose fibers or dust to inhale

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