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BioBased 501 - Residential
Gateway Foam Insulators has been in the insulation business since 1995. Recently, we were introduced to a soy-based spray foam insulation – BioBased 501. This product has it all. The same air sealing capabilities as all low density polyurethane foams, but produced with an annually renewable resource – soybean oil!

Since the energy crisis of the 70’s, building design has tried to maximize energy efficiency and comfort, without sacrificing value. But until now, those goals have been at odds with the homeowner’s desire for comfort and beauty, the builder’s need for a reliable, economical, and robust means of sealing the building, and the architect’s goal of houses that are more than square sides, flat roofs, and plain surfaces.

BioBased insulation answers all of these needs. A house insulated with BioBased 501 provides the homeowner with a building that is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and free of drafts, dust, noise, and condensation. Builders construct the tightest houses available while meeting construction schedules and virtually eliminating costly insulation errors. Architects get to design for style and presence since BioBased insulation can ensure an air-tight structure without the limitations of conventional methods.

Save Money and Energy
BioBased 501 spray foam insulation has a high R-value as installed, and maintains that R-value for the life of the building. This reduces heating and cooling energy costs, and constantly pays back the investment with low utility bills and greater building comfort. The superior thermal performance of the BioBased 501 insulation system reduces our nation’s need for energy, and since the product is soy-based, it carries no risk of catastrophic environmental damage through tanker spills. BioBased products are also easily disposed of and pose no threats of toxic degradation byproducts.

Breathe Easier. Sleep Better.
BioBased 501 does fascinating things behind the scenes. By creating a sealed barrier and eliminating air infiltration, BioBased 501 helps to control internal wall condensation that can often result in mold and mildew. This same air seal helps eliminate airborne sounds and stop outside pollutants, such as dust and allergens, that can make their way through unsealed cavities.

Make sure your architect and builder use BioBased 501 to insulate your new home or increase the insulation of your existing home. No other product offers a better combination of features and affordability. No other product will make your home more comfortable!

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New Residential Applications
Stud walls
Rim joists
Truss-ends, gables, dormers

Residential Remodeling Applications
Under floors/ crawl space
Non-insulated walls
Previously insulated walls
Basement stud-walls

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